Brand Profile: Goodsphere -

Goodsphere are the pioneers in this style of air revitaliser. Originally developed in the summer of 2003, during the SARS outbreak in Asia, Goodsphere air purifiers were designed to help remove airbourne contaminates from the air, helping aid the reduction of risk of further contagion. More than 50000 units were purchased in the Republic of Singapore during the first year alone.

After considering the issues with global air pollution in today's modern environment Goodsphere then introduced the system to the western market in late 2003.

The Goodsphere air purifiers use water and the special air purifying solutions, normally refereed to as 'essences', to wash the air clean. By drawing in surrounding air into the system and mixing it with the water/essence mixture, contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, dust, along with pet smells and cooking odours are removed from the air.

The system helps with regulating air humidity and creating optimal conditions for sleep. Allergy, sinus and hay fever sufferers usually see benefit when using the Goodsphere air purifiers too.

The essences are all made with natural extracts created according to the principles of aromatherapy to gently improve your mood and general well-being. Because they contain anti-bacterial properties, the essences also work to effectively neutralise bacteria in the air for up to twenty-four hours at a time.

Just a few drops of the Goodsphere essences in the water of your air purifier will destroy unpleasant odours and bacteria in the air and fill your home with beautiful aromas.

Today we are the sole UK stockist for the Goodsphere range... having been supplying the Goodsphere range since 2006 we are your premier source of information and supply of products in the UK (with worldwide delivery available too).

We stock the latest range Goodsphere air purifier units and we have the entire range of essences available too. In addition we can supply spares, including replacement glass bowls.

If you ever have any questions please do feel free to contact us and take a browse of the Goodsphere collection here on our website to see the full range of air purifiers and essences currently available.

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