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Barcelona based Boles d'olor are leaders in liquid fragrance for the home.

Manufacturing and distributing their wide range of home fragrance products around the globe since 1977, when the company was founded by Helena Boix and Eugeni Llebaria, Boles d'olor is a pioneer in the industry.

There is a passion within the company to produce the best aromas for you to enjoy in your home, continuous innovation of new and exciting applications for perfume, combined with the recovery of traditional techniques, means Boles d'olor brings us a constant stream of wonderful fragrance, beautifully presented. This has led to their well deserved reputation for home fragrance excellence.

One of the main ranges from Boles d'olor is "Brumas de Ambiente". Roughly translating as 'Perfume Mist' this extensive collection of fragrance oils is great for fragrancing your home with a variety of applications. These wonderful essences, in their purest form, are ideal for use in the our range of domestic air purifiers such as the Boles d'olor Essencials air purifier, as well as Goodsphere and PureAire air purifiers. Very highly concentrated, the range of Brumas essences by Boles d'olor feature a wide variety of scents which will each in their own way bring wonderful fragrance to your home, spark memories associated to scents you have experienced and gently improve your mood and general well being. Because they are so concentrated add just a few drops of the Boles d'olor Brumas de Ambiente essences to the water in your air purifier to destroy unpleasant odours and bacteria in the air and fill your home with beautiful fragrance. In addition use these essences around your home in oil burners, pot pourri and more.

Other products in Boles d'olor's catalogue include: room sprays, car plugins, reed diffusers with rattan (and also the new cotton fibre) reeds, scented oils, scented wood, paper and fabric applications, sachets, pearl resins and many more.

After more than 35 years Boles d'olor remains at the forefront of the industry. Today Boles d’olor is still led by Eugeni Boix, master perfumer, along with a team of experienced professional technicians and designers, who concentrate their efforts on creating new, and the most seductive, perfumes. The constant search for new applications in accordance with the latest decorative trends continues, always using the best raw materials sourced from around the world, and caring for every detail to improve and ensure the highest quality.

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