Boles d'olor

"Mists for the Environment" or "Perfume Mists" is the rough translation of 'Brumas de Ambiente' - the name given to Boles d'olor's range of essences for air purifiers. Use them in the Boles d'olor Essencials purifier, as well as Goodsphere, Antibac2k and PureAire units, and any other brand of water based air purifier, to rid your home of unwanted odours, cooking and pet smells and to fill the air with beautiful fragrance.

Boles d'olor Brumas de Ambiente

Highly concentrated, the range of Brumas essences by Boles d'olor feature a wide variety of scents which will each in their own way bring wonderful fragrance to your home, spark memories associated to scents you have experienced and gently improve your mood and general well being.

Add a few drops of the Boles d'olor Brumas de Ambiente essences to the water in your air purifier to destroy unpleasant odours and bacteria in the air and fill your home with beautiful fragrance.

Boles d'olor Air Purifiers - How It Works
Working in the same way as the Goodsphere, Antibac2k and PureAire air purifiers, Boles d'olor revitalisers are compact, inexpensive machines that will help provide fresher, cleaner air and a healthy, harmonious living environment, making a dramatic difference to the quality of life - especially for asthma and allergy sufferers.
Combining the inherent purification properties of water and the natural anti-bacterial qualities of essential oils these machines literally wash the air clean. It also has the effect of working as a humidifier - replacing precious moisture lost as result of central heating. The Ionising effect of the unit means that positive ions in the air, generated by electrical equipment such as televisions and computers, are converted into more desirable negative ions. The unit will not leave black marks on the wall, like other electronically charged ionisers can, and the freshened air should be like you are walking by the sea. The Boles d'olor Essencials Revitalisers add beautiful aroma-therapeutic fragrance to the air in your home and workplace when used with the Brumas de Ambiente essences.

What is Brumas de Ambiente? Revitalise your mind, body & soul...

Breathing clean air makes you feel better, more active and alert. It can make a dramatic difference to the well being for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Boles d'olor have developed a wide range of aroma-therapeutic essences, which they name "Brumas de Ambiente", to work in the air revitalisers such as those made by Goodsphere, Antibac2k, PureAire and of course the Boles d'olor Essencials. The range works on the principles of aromatherapy to gently improve your mood and well being.

Clean Air Everywhere:
Our air purifiers are not just for the home either, wherever they are used, with a suitable essence added, they create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere...

Bars and nightclubs - helps clean the air of cigarette smoke to create a fresher environment

Offices - improves the well being of employees by combating stagnant air from heating and air conditioning systems

Hotels - gets rid of musty room smells, freshens toilets

Restaurants - counteracts the unpleasant side effects of smoke and removes food smells

Surgeries and health centres - reduces the risk of airborne bacteria, provides a calming atmosphere

Gyms and sports centres - removes strong odours and with a suitable essence added provides an energising feel to the atmosphere

Travel facilities - creates a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in passengers lounges and improves air quality in smoking areas

Retail outlets - improve customers shopping experience by creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere in which to shop

No Filters!
There are no filters to replace with the Boles d'olor systems. All you need to do is fill the bowl with plain cold tap water, add a squirt of essence, and away you go!

Air Purifier Compatible Essences