What is PureAire? Frequently Asked Questions...

Here are a few of the FAQ's relating to PureAire. If you have any other questions that are not answered here please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q1. What is PureAire?

PureAire is a total pure air system. Toxins, pollution, dust mites, bacteria, smoke and allergens from the air are washed in a bowl filled with water combined with a small amount of one of the fragrances from the essence ranges.

Q2. Can I use the PureAire essences in other air purifiers?

Yes! The PureAire essences are completely compatible with the Goodsphere, Antibac2k Magic Ball, Boles d'olor and all other brands of water based air purification systems!

Q3. Is it suitable for people with allergies?

Yes. It is ideal for those suffering from chest and respiratory ailments. Many users suffering from severe sinus and asthma problems have reported improvements with their breathing following continuous use of the revitalisers.

Q4. How much essence per usage do I need?

Use a few drops of essence to start with. You can adjust the amount you use to suit your personal preference. Add more for larger rooms or for a more concentrated fragrance. Try different essences and different quantities to find a level that you like. The great thing is that you control the level of fragrance - if you want a subtle aroma then use slightly less essence, for a more dominant fragrance add a bit more, you are in control!
NOTE: Stronger more stubborn odours will require more essence initially with continuous use of the system for a period of up to one week before results are noticeable.

Q5. Can I use essential oils?

No, essential oils do not emulsify effectively, or safely, with water.

Q6. Are the essences safe?

All our essences are non-toxic, non-combustible, non-alcoholic and made from natural botanical extracts. As is best practice, we recommend you to avoid contact with the eyes and contact with the skin, and the essences are not meant to be ingested.

Q7. What volume of air is cleaned?

The PureAire machines will efficiently clean an area of up to 800ft² (75m²).

Q8. How much electricity will it consume?

The PureAire Basic and LuminAire Plus units consume 13W of electricity, less than a normal light bulb. The Lite 'n' Aire model uses 40W.

Q9. How often do I change the water?

Every second day, or if the water becomes dirty. If people are smoking in the room with the system you will see the water change to a muddy brown. If the air is polluted it will turn from grey to black. You only need to ensure that the water level stays above the minimum mark.

Q10. Do I need a filter?

No! There are no cartridges to replace like there are with other systems.

Q11. How do I keep my air purifier clean?

The Bowl - For best results, rinse out the bowl with cold water and wipe dry with a cloth or sponge. Avoid abrasive detergents or scourers.
The Lid - To clean under the lid of the air purifier, wipe around the edges of the motor with a dry cloth. Rinse the motor spoke under a cold tap or use commercial lime scale removers to remove any blockages. Replace the spoke in the same position that it was removed from by turning it clockwise until it clicks back in place.

Q11. How do I clean any limescale build up?

Wipe around the bowl periodically to avoid excess buildup or it can be soaked with either a commercial lime scale remover or, for a more natural alternative, use a solution containing lemon or white vinegar. For build up under the motor lid, use a moist cloth to wipe away the lime scale using the same products you would for cleaning the bowl.

Q12. Do I use essences in the PureAire Ultrasonic Humidifier?

No. The Ultrasonic Humidifier is just for humidifying the air and does not use the fragrance essences.

Q13. How does the Lite 'n' Aire Night Light function work?

The Lite 'n' Aire model has a built in, dimmable, night light - this is controlled by a separate switch on the side of the unit. Rotate the knob to switch on the light and choose the intensity of the light - from very dim to full power. The light is controlled independently from the air purifier, so the light can be on, with or without running the air purifier.