New Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamp Oils for SS14/15 -
Brand new for Spring/Summer 2014 - and in stock now - are 3 fantastic new fragrances from Ashleigh & Burwood... Enjoy Red Velvet Rose, Black Raspberry and Tropical Garden lamp oils in your fragrance lamps at home now...

Red Velvet Rose - A heady blend of rose and neroli, with mid notes of lilac, orange blossom and marigold, this scent is underpinned with musk and vanilla extract to deliver a unique fresh interpretation of the traditional much-loved rose fragrance.

Black Raspberry - A mix of juicy red fruits, with accents of lemon and bergamot, this beautiful happy scent is underpinned with rose, apricot and musk to give an exciting, yet subtle, twist.

Tropical Garden - A green and woody, fragrance with marine undertones. Blended together are fig leaf, black pepper, violet leaf and orange, creating a truly unique perfume. Softening the power of citrus, floral notes including jasmine and lily of the valley; with powdery woody undertones of cedarwood, vetiver and fig have been introduced.
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