Lots More Classic 250ml Goodsphere Essences Back In Stock - CleanTheAir.co.uk
The Classic 250ml Goodsphere Essences have proved very popular since we brought them back to the UK at the end of 2013. We are now continuing the expand the 250ml Goodsphere selection and are thrilled to be able to say that the Goodsphere Rose, Lemon & Bergamot and Sandalwood essences are now also back in stock.

This is all brand new, genuine Goodsphere stock in the UK and ready for immediate dispatch.

We are the only place in the UK with brand new stocks of the 250ml Goodsphere essences and have the largest selection!

The Rose, Lemon & Bergamot and Sandalwood essences were always in the top sellers when they were originally available a few years ago but we're always interested to know what you think... Give them a good and please send us your feedback!
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