Replacement Parts for Your Fragrance Lamp -
Missing a part from your Fragrance Lamp? Need a new wick/stone or snuffer cap? We can help you!

As a premier stockist of Ashleigh & Burwood's brilliant Fragrance Lamps, along with the full range of lamp oils and the lamps themselves, we are also here to help you with any other spares and replacement parts you might need.

Fragrance Lamps are made up of a few separate parts, each with its own important job to play...

The different parts of a fragrance lamp

Starting at the base you have the main body of the lamp. This holds the fragrant lamp oil and of course if the most decorative part of the lamp, being made of mosaic glass, blown glass, or maybe ceramic or resin. The neck of the lamp is connected to the main body and does not come off.

Fragrance Lamp Replacement Wick and Stone

Sitting inside the body we have the wick and stone assembly. This is the part that does the magic... the wick draws up the lamp oil from the body and the stone is the part that acts on the surrounding air to break down the pollutants and diffuses the fragrance contained within the oil.

The wick and stone assembly is the only true 'replaceable part' of the fragrance lamp. There are two sizes of wick/stone used across the fragrance lamp range - a small and large stone. We stock both of these replacement wick/stones, which you can buy online from us.

Fragrance Lamp Snuffer Caps

Next is the snuffer cap. The snuffer cap goes over the stone when you want to turn off the lamp and stays on the stone whenever the lamp is not is use.

Fragrance Lamp Decorative Crowns

At the very top of the lamp sits the decorative crown. The crown has two jobs, firstly it looks lovely and finishes off the design of the lamp - being of an complementary colour and finish to the lamp. Secondly, and most importantly, it acts as a guard to the hot stone when the lamp is in use.

If you have lost either of the snuffer cap or decorative crown, or need replacements due to damage, please contact us and we will be able to help you. There are several different designs, colours and finishes of the caps and crowns, so we don't have these listed on the website as they do vary over time, with new lamps versions being launched. But, we have a box of spares and can usually help you with these replacements - just drop us an email or pick up the phone.

Should you ever have any questions about your fragrance lamps, we are here to help, so again just let us know!

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