New Boles do'olor Brumas de Ambiente Fragrances -
We have 3 new fragrances now available in the Boles d'olor Brumas de Ambiente range....

Joining the existing lineup of over 35 fragrances we now have:

Green Tea (Te Verde)
Grapes & Oranges (entre Uvas y Naranjos)

The versatile 'Brumas' by Boles d'olor can be used in our air purifiers, including Goodsphere, PureAire and the Essencials units, as well as a fragrance oil in mist diffusers, such as the Amora Scent Hubs.

You only need a few drops of the high quality oils so each 50ml bottle will last you well.

Take a look at our full collection of Brumas de Ambiente to enjoy the variety of fragrances available.
Boles d'olorBrumas de ambiente