New Boles d'olor Brumas Essences for Air Purifiers -

2020 see lots of wonderful new fragrances launched in the Brumas de Ambiente collection by Boles d'olor.

One of our most popular ranges of oils for use in any water based air purification system, the "Brumas de Ambiente" collection of essences is expanded with several new fragrances this Spring.

Take a look at these brand new fragrances:

In addition we now also have:

This means we now stock the ENTIRE range of Boles d'olor brumas essences!

You'll also notice the Brumas have had a facelift, with a very stylish new design on the packaging, which nicely reflects the quality product inside the bottle.

See all the details on the Boles d'olor Brumas page.

Boles d'olorBrumas de ambiente