Brand Profile: Amora Ultrasonic Scent Hubs -
Amora Scent Hubs are the spa experience for your home everyday.

These stylish 'hubs' combine modern technology and the classic principles of aromatherapy to give you cleaner, fresher, beautifully fragrant air in your home... perfect for creating that special ambience to relax in your down-time.

Ultrasonic diffusers - to give the scent hubs their technical name - have a ceramic disc in the bottom of the water reservoir which vibrates at very high frequency, causing the water and essential oil molecules to break down into a super fine mist which rises from the hub. At the same time air pollutant particles are charged causing them to group and fall, leaving purer air.

Amora is very simple to use. Add distilled water to the water reservoir plus a few drops of essential oil. Replace the cover and switch on, letting Amora release your favourite fragrance and remove the pollutants from the air.

All the Amora hubs come with cleaver technology built in, like auto-shut off after 3 hours, or when empty, and mood enhancing lights too.

There are 7 top quality pure essential oils to choose from in the Amora range - unique blends, all made in England. You can also use your other favourite fragrance oils and essential oils in Amora too!

Amora is made by the experts at Ashleigh & Burwood (who also make the wonderful fragrance lamps we stock too) who put their 20+ years of fragrance expertise into their innovative, top quality products.

Take a browse of the Amora Scent Hubs and Amora Essential Oils, which we have available for worldwide delivery. We stock the full range.

And did you spot the cleaver word play in the Amora name? A-M-O-R-A... <> ...A-R-O-M-A!
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