Brand New 120ml Goodsphere Essences -
We are very excited to announce the launch of the brand new collection of 120ml Goodsphere essences!

It has been a while since Goodsphere has launched any new fragrances, but now we have an entire new range of Goodsphere air purifier essences for you...

Available in a new size of 120ml bottles, there are 12 fragrances to choose from...
Each is a high quality essence, just as you would expect from the Goodsphere brand, and is of course compatible with all makes of water based air purifiers: such as PureAire; Boles d'olor; Antibac2k; N-Virosphere; Fresh Air Globe; Breathe and more.

We are the sole supplier of Goodsphere air purifiers and essences in the UK and hope you will like this new essence range as much as the existing Goodsphere essences and air purifiers. We have been enjoying trying the new aromas ourselves (the Rose in particular is very nice, along with Bamboo and the Orchid!).

Check out the full range on our Goodsphere Essences page.
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