New Air Purifer Range - Boles d'olor Essencials -
We are pleased to launch the new Boles d'olor Essencials air purifiers plus the new Boles d'olor essences "Brumas de Ambiente".

Boles d’olor essences in their purest form - called Brumas de Ambiente - are specially formulated for use with the Essencials air purifiers by Boles d’olor and are compatible with our other air purifiers from Goodsphere and PureAire too. The highly concentrated fragrance is released into the air in all its splendor, without changes or alterations to the natural aroma to full your home with beautiful scent.

In addition the Brumas can be used as perfume concentrates to revitalise potpourris, for perfuming ceramics, and a many other applications.

Find out more about this new range on our Boles d'olor information page and keep an eye out for the new stock which will be available to buy here in April.
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