What is Antibac2k Magic Ball Air Purifier?

Antibac2k Total Wellness Total Wellness
The Magic Ball by Antibac2K is a revolutionary new air purifier that is designed for living in the 21st century. With its contemporary styling and state of the art technology, it not only looks good, but also delivers you the promise of cleaner, fresher, air everyday.
Antibac2k Total Protection Total Protection
Antibac2K air purifying solutions remove air contaminates and malodours using patented 21st century technologies from Germany. Made from botanical extracts, they are non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable environmentally safe for use around the home and workplace.
Antibac2K Total Harmony Total Harmony
The Magic Ball is a stylish addition to any living environment. The quiet, noise free operation and variable light settings, help it blend in naturally and harmonizes at home or at work, night or day.

Magic Ball is revolutionary new air purifier that is designed for living in the 21st century...

The Magic Ball refreshes and purifies the air everywhere - in your homes, offices, hotels, salons, gyms and restaurants. Smells from cooking, tobacco smoke and musty odours are permanently removed and essences that improve your general well-being and mood are released into the air, creating a welcoming ambience to work, play or sleep.
Did You Know:
Every minute, we breathe an average of 15 times… that ’s 24,000 times a day.

Unfortunately we live in a world where the simple act of breathing can put us in harms way, not only from dirt and pollution but also from insidious things such as bacteria and viruses.
Who Is At Risk?
With people spending at least 90% of their time indoors, this poses a greater health risk. We become very susceptible to effects of indoor air pollutants when exposed for the longest periods of time. These people are the young, elderly and chronically ill especially ones suffering from asthmatic, respiratory or cardiovascular disease.

The Magic Ball is a new air purifier that is designed for living in the 21st century. Its contemporary styling and state of the art technology provides cleaner, fresher air everyday.

The Benefits:
  • Refreshes and purifies the air
  • Eliminates germs
  • Eliminates fungi, mold and mildew
  • Removes odours
  • Efficiently cleans an area of up to 350 square feet
  • No harmful effects
  • Very easy to use
How It Works:
The Magic Ball Air Purifier is self cleaning and more or less maintenance free filter system that operates with normal tap water and is capable of eliminating suspended particles in the air such as bacteria, viruses and germs, smoke and dust particles.

The Magic Ball cleans the air by utilising the purifying action of water and the antimicrobial and malodour removal qualities of the Antibac 2K formulation present in the Air Purifying Solutions.

Magic Ball also humidifies the air, replacing moisture loss, due to central heating and cooling systems.

The Ionising effect of the Antibac2k Magic Ball means that positive ions in the air, generated by electrical equipment such as televisions and computers, are converted into more desirable negative ions. The unit will not leave black marks on the wall, like other electronically charged ionisers can, and the freshened air should be like you are walking by the sea.

As soon as you start using your Magic Ball system you should start to notice an improvement in the quality of your air.

3 Easy Steps To Cleaner Air:

Antibac2k 3 Steps to Cleaner Air
Clean Air Everywhere:
The Magic ball is not just for the home either! Wherever it is used, the system with a suitable essence added, creates a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere...

Bars and nightclubs - helps clean the air of cigarette smoke to create a fresher environment

Offices - improves the well being of employees by combating stagnant air from heating and air conditioning systems

Hotels - gets rid of musty room smells, freshens toilets

Restaurants - counteracts the unpleasant side effects of smoke and removes food smells

Surgeries and health centres - reduces the risk of airborne bacteria, provides a calming atmosphere

Gyms and sports centres - removes strong odours and with a suitable essence added provides an energising feel to the atmosphere

Travel facilities - creates a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in passengers lounges and improves air quality in smoking areas

Retail outlets - improve customers shopping experience by creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere in which to shop

Energy Efficient:
The Magic Ball has been created to provide a cleaner, healthier environment, so the process has been designed to be incredibly energy efficient - using less electricity than a light bulb.

The Magic Ball uses just 20W of electricity. It is economical enough to keep running for 24 hours, 7 days a week.

No Filters!
There are no filters to replace with the Magic Ball. All you need to do is fill the bowl with plain cold tap water, add a squirt of Antibac2K essence, and away you go!

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