Domestic Air Purifiers from CleanTheAir.co.uk

CleanTheAir.co.uk specialises in Goodsphere, PureAire, Boles d'olor, Ashleigh & Burwood and Amora domestic air purifiers. Simply cleaning the air you breathe brings huge benefits to your health and well being. Unpleasant odours such as tobacco smoke, cooking smells and pet odours are removed from the air, along with dust and bacteria. Our air purifiers, which are also called air revitalisers, can help give relief from hay fever, asthma and sinus problems.

Fragrance Your Home with Air Purifier Essences

Our air revitalisers will fill your home with beautiful fragrances when used with our air purifier essences. We have a wide variety of aromas to choose from - our Goodsphere, PureAire and Boles d'olor essences can be used in any brand of water-based air purifier, including Antibac 2k, JML Fresh Air Globe, N-Virosphere and Breathe Revitalisers.

We also stock the entire range of Ashleigh & Burwood fragrance lamp oils which are compatible with all brands of Fragrance Lamp including Ashleigh & Burwood, Lampair, Genie Lamps, Alexandria and La-Tee-Da.

Our range of Amora Scent Hubs bring cutting edge technology and modern design in a range of Ultrasonic Diffusers with fragrance oils and essential oils.

Clean the air in your home... Buy Domestic Air Purifiers with Confidence from CleanTheAir.co.uk

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