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PureAire Basic Air Purifier With Built In Blue Coloured LED

The 'PureAire Basic' is a simple, yet effective, compact revitaliser that can clean the air in an area of up to 800 square feet. It comes in a pleasing round shape, ice white top and transparent bowl, with a built in blue coloured LED light, which can be turned on and off separately from the main unit. The PureAire Basic also has an 'auto-off' function, so the unit will automatically switch off when the lid is lifted off the bowl. It has all the same great air purifying features as our other air purifiers - such as the PureAire LuminAire Plus - but in a small, lower priced unit.

Working in the same way as the Goodsphere air purifiers, PureAire Revitalisers are compact and inexpensive machines that will help provide fresher, cleaner air and a healthy, harmonious living environment, making a dramatic difference to the quality of life - especially for asthma and allergy sufferers.
Combining the inherent purification properties of water and the natural anti-bacterial qualities of essential oils these machines literally wash the air clean. It also has the effect of working as a humidifier - replacing precious moisture lost as result of central heating. The PureAire Revitalisers add beautiful aroma-therapeutic fragrance to the air in your home and workplace when used with the PureAire range of essences.

  • Build-in blue coloured LED in lid with on/off switch
  • Auto-off - the unit will automatically switch off when the lid is lifted
  • Small, portable sized unit for use all around the home
UK specification with UK 3 pin plug
Motor: 13W
Voltage: 220/240V 50Hz
Speed: 2400rpm
Water capacity: 800ml
Area Cover: 800 Sq. Ft.

Height: 15cm approx
Width: 18cm approx

How To Use Your PureAire Air Purifier:
1. Fill the bowl with cold tap water up to the level indicated
2. Add a few drops of the Goodsphere / PureAire aromatherapeutic air purifier essence / Boles d'olor Brumas to the water
3. Place the unit lid onto the bowl and plug in
4. Switch the unit on and sit back and enjoy the beautiful fragrance that is released by the air purifier, whilst the unwanted pollutants are removed from the air

Air Purifier Compatible Essences

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Silicone Mat for Air Purifiers
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Silicone Mat for Air Purifiers


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Silicone Mat for Air PurifiersProtect surfaces by using this silicone mat under your air purifier. Compatible with all brands of air purifier including Goodsphere, PureAire, Antibac2k and Boles d'olor.Diameter: 18cmChoose the colour from either White or Grey.

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