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Here is where you can buy Goodsphere air purifiers and essences. are official Goodsphere stockists in the UK.

Goodsphere were the first company to create the domestic air purifiers we sell here. It's unique air cleaning process harnesses the inherent purification properties of water and the natural anti-bacterial qualities of essential oils, to literally wash the air clean. The simple and efficient technology of the Goodsphere Revitalisers neutralises unpleasant odours like smoke, pet and cooking smells and removes dust and bacteria from the air.

The Goodsphere essences have been carefully designed to harness the positive effects of nature. Each aromatherapy essence has its own distinctive properties to create a soothing, sensual atmosphere. When added to the water in the Goodsphere air purifier the fragrance is released in the air filling your home with beautiful aromas. are official Goodsphere stockists in the UK and have been selling the products for over 10 years.

Useful Information About Goodsphere Air Purifier Essences to Buy Online

The Goodsphere aromatherapy essences are enriched with aromatherapy essential oils, are non-alcoholic, and have been formulated to reduce the risk of irritation.

We are the main UK stockist for Goodsphere essences and in Winter 2013/14 we were thrilled to be able to bring back the Classic 250ml Goodsphere Collection. These original Goodsphere oils, which had been unavailable in the UK for sometime, include the all time favourite aroma 'Tioman', plus brand new fragrances never before available in the UK. In addition there has been many new Goodsphere essences launched during 2016-2017 with the new 100ml Swiss and 120ml essence collections. We are the only store in the UK to have brand new stocks of the full range of Goodsphere essences.

The Goodsphere essences can be used in all brands of air purifiers including Antibac2k, PureAire, Boles d'olor, Breathe, JML and N-Virosphere revitalisers.

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Silicone Mat for Air Purifiers - Accessories -
Silicone Mat for Air Purifiers
  • £7.99
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Silicone Mat for Air Purifiers


  • £7.99

Silicone Mat for Air PurifiersProtect surfaces by using this silicone mat under your air purifier. Compatible with all brands of air purifier including Goodsphere, PureAire, Antibac2k and Boles d'olor.Diameter: 18cmChoose the colour from either White or Grey.

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