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Amora Scent Hubs - Ultrasonic Diffusers by Ashleigh & Burwood

Introducing the Amora Scent Hub... Sound. Vision. Aroma.

Amora Scent Hubs - which are also known as Ultrasonic Diffusers - turn water into a fine mist acting as a humidifier and with an ionising effect. Add just a few drops of your favourite Amora essential oil into the water and an amora Scent Hub becomes an aroma diffuser, providing the atmosphere you desire in your home. The addition of the ambient mood lighting in the Amora Scent Hub creates a spa-like experience in your own home.

The refined and contemporary collection of Scent Hubs will provide all the functions you need in a design that suits your individual taste and style.

How Does It Work?
Ultrasonic Technology: a small ceramic disc at the base of the water reservoir vibrates at super high frequency, and these vibrations cause the water and essential oils to break down into micro-fine particles which rise into the air as a cooling mist.

Each Scent Hub provides multi-sensory stimulation through chromotherapy (therapy through light) with the in built LED lights and aromatherapy (therapy through scent) with the addition of the essential oils to the water.

In addition some hubs also feature inbuilt speakers - allowing you to send and control music via Bluetooth on your phone, tablet or any other media device, completing your sensory experience.

The Amora Hubs are made with quality materials, including environmentally friendly rubber wood and hand finished glass on some models, to give a superior finish and an elegant addition to your home.

Amora Scent Hubs are made by Ashleigh & Burwood, who also create the Fragrance Lamps you see on this site. With over 20 years experience in home fragrancing Ashleigh & Burwood have given all of their knowledge and expertise, combined with a passion for innovation, in the creation of Amora, resulting in an elegant, modern answer to a beautifully fragrant home.

The Benefits...
Aromatherapy  Ionising Effect  Humidifying  Mood Lighting  Convenient & Safe

Compatible Essences for Scent Hubs

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Neptune - Amora Scent Hub by Ashleigh & Burwood - Scent Hub (Ultrasonic Diffuser) -
Neptune - Amora Scent Hub by Ashleigh & Burwood
  • £45.00
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Neptune - Amora Scent Hub by Ashleigh & Burwood

Scent Hub (Ultrasonic Diffuser)

  • £45.00

Neptune If you look for sleek designs to complement your modern home, Neptune is Scent Hub choice for you. The Neptune Scent Hub is a minimalist design for a contemporary home. Experience the delights of fragrance and light in one understated hub. Neptune provides you with a combination of bene...

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